Hello Airheads. I thought I'd take a few moments to introduce myself and solicit interest to update our sorely neglected Wiki!

I'm a new Airhead (#10863) and new rider. Purchased a 1979 R65 on craigslist about 2 months ago and have been completely absorbed in getting wheels under me for the first time, practicing, reading up on safety & service issues and familiarizing myself with this amazing worldwide community.

Already I've made the acquaintance of two San Diego airheads, Lilli and Johan, and met another, Mike Salzano, in the parking lot of papa Johns after he noticed my bike outside. (BTW: Mike is selling one of two 77' R100/7 bikes, if anyone's interested).

Missed the recent 49er rally in nor-cal but a 9 hour ride for a newbie who's still leery of the highways would not have been a good idea. Next time, hopefully!

Among other things, I do a fair amount of work in IT and am fairly savvy with web stuff. One of the first things I checked (other than Snowbum's website) was the Airheads wiki and was, honestly, a bit disappointed to see it so seldom updated. Aside from the various talk pages that have been taken over by spammers, not much has changed since whichever generous person first placed the articles and definitions.

So, as a matter of contributing a small thing this to this community, I've initiated a user maintainable directory on the Wiki. Different from the Airheads dAIRectory, this one we can update as needed with information on our various bikes, interests, locales, etc. At a minimum, it could be a reference point for getting in touch with other local airheads. A best, it could be a complete portal for local Airhead communities.

What I'd like is a convenient way to connect and communicate with other San Diego airheads. If you'd like to be included in the California or San Diego portion of the directory, or any other part of California, email me your details and I'll be happy to update the Wiki with your information.

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