I'm glad I found this site. it seems that we are on a wavelength.
My 'baby' is a 1978 BMW/7. this is ridden to work (50 miles one way) in all weathers including snow rain and of course sun. The biggest hassel in the UK is the other traffic as we are an overcrowded little island and there is always lots of other cars so defensive riding is always in order.
Wobble has regular oil changes every 1000 or so miles and a new filter every second change. I have fitted stronger fork springs, rebound springs, a fork brace, bigger sump and a surefoot side stand.
I may be biased but this bike is ideally suited to our roads, it is tractable in the snow and gives no nasty shocks in the rain...on our rubbish roads this is a good thing! I generally get about 50 mpg and as I go through two big traffic hold ups per trip this isnt bad.

My gear cost little or nothing, my helmet was labeled as extra small but it wasnt...so I tryed it and brought it in a sale for 25 Boots at a show for 15 and my Buff jacket for 50. I dont know but I think our UK prices are generally higher so this is about $120 and well cheap...BUT it was all top quality and new.

Im thinking of a 1000cc hop up. Wobble was great one up but I have just got remarried and we are a little low on power also the whole bike is getting tired...I brought the bike from a mate and at the time he said it would need a rebuild..that was 30,000 miles ago. It weeps a little oil and is down on compression, it has a few more rattles than is good for it and it looks....well my mate who touched up the paint is colour blind..really!!

If and its a big if I rebuild it totally I would like something with a more modern engine/drive system that looks like a /6. I was thinking of a rebuilt engine, 83> gearbox and drive shaft and a lighter flywheel...I WOULD STRONGLY WELCOME ANY INPUT FROM THE GURUS WHO RUN THIS SITE ABOUT MY PROPOSED CHANGES

I dont however want to turn wobble into a cherished garage baby...he's a working bike and long may he stay that way
Wobble and Pooh