Has anybody tried a 19" rim on the front of an airhead
GS? Seems like it would lower the bike, quicken the handling, and open up more sport tire options.

It does all of that. We did a bunch of 1981 R80G/S's that way back in 81, using R65 fenders and bars, and /6 front rims and spokes. Sold them out of my shop, BMW of Staten Island, NY. BMW was so impressed that they came and looked at it, and subsequently they offered the R80ST. Coincidence? I think not.

They later gave me serial number 001 R80ST. (Yes, I know the books all say that the ST serial numbers started with 011. The books are incorrect. I sold or serviced #'s 001, 005, 009 and 010)

What wheel would be a good cnoice for this?

Front rim for an R850R (the one with spoked wheels) ought to be pretty good for a start. You could adapt it pretty easily.

Tom Cutter

(originally posted to the Airheads list
Photo courtesy of Ken Monro)