In a 1978 Cycle World review on the 'new' R80/7 it said "There are three shock mounting positions on the frame, offering progressively softer ride as the mount is moved forward." Sure enough on the right side of my /7's subframe there are three holes for the rear shock mount. But there's only one hole on the left, so it won't work. What's the deal???

Proof of the adage "If you can, DO. If you can't do, TEACH. If you can't teach, WRITE ABOUT IT."

One of the CW knuckleheads sat and looked at the three holes on one side of the bike and never thought to look at the other side to see if there were three matching holes. There is no such mention in any of BMW's literature of using the holes for suspension adjustment. There won't be, either, because the holes are for mounting rear crash bars, police solo seat bracket and the radiotelephone box for authorities use, as well as the radio antenna bracket.

I must have fielded a hundred inquiries about that after CW made the erroneous statement.

This makes one hundred and one...

-Tom Cutter

(Originally posted to the Airheads list)