I am in the process of re-assembling the flywheel to the end of the crank after a rear main seal replacement on a /5. Would like to know the list's opinion of using a VERY small amount of Hylomar on the rear face of the crank where the flywheel meets it. It seems to me that this is the only place left that isn't really sealed from the engine oil since the outer edge of the flywheel hub rides on the seal, and the inner surface is exposed to engine oil pressure, etc. Upon disassembly, I found "some" oil in the center of the hub, leading me to believe that this needed to be addressed some way.

The oil is coming up the bolt threads. You can use blue Loctite on the NEW bolts, but reduce the torque setting on your wrench by 10% if you do.
(This is for /5 models ONLY).

Do not use Hylomar or any other sealant on the crankshaft face, as that will act like a spacer, and change the crank end-float setting. Also, the friction fit there keeps the flywheel from shearing off. (not always )

-Tom Cutter

(Originally posted to the Airheads List)