Looking at the #217 "grooved bearing extractor" in the BMW workshopmanual. In the picture they are pulling the crank nose bearing off. It does not looks like it would to hard to make one. I've seen units like it on the Mc Master Carr web site, that sell for over $200. Has anyone made there own version of the #217? Also could I use the same tool to pull the crank sprocket off?

A robust three-jaw automotive puller willl do the job, and pull both the bearing and sprocket together. If you pull the bearing alone, you will destroy it. I'd suggest using a pinpoint propane torch to heat the sprocket and inner race of the bearing to assist in pulling them. You can get a good versatile puller at Pep Boys or AutoZone for around $35.

Also, you will discover that it's necessary to remove the front wheel and fender to gain enough room to work with the puller. I like to do this anyways, as it allows me a straight look at the timing marks when I'm done.

-Tom Cutter

(Originally posed to the Airheads list)